Plan your next meeting in Tokyo

Pulsating Tokyo is perfect for meetings, conferences and conventions. The hotels and service providers in this business-oriented global city know what it takes to make guests from all over the world feel at home. This is an ideal starting point for your international event.

Two international airports (Narita and Haneda), excellent links to the country's Shinkansen (bullet train) high-speed rail service and an extensive public transport network throughout Tokyo Prefecture will take your participants from A to B quickly and easily. The punctuality of the public transport systems and tidiness in stations and on trains is exemplary in Japan and ensures a pleasant journey. Despite the enormous volumes of people moving around the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Station platforms and underpasses are by no means as hectic as one is accustomed to in other major cities.

You will notice a highly service-oriented culture when you arrive at your hotel or convention centre. Cleanliness is also a top priority in Japan. You will very rarely come across litter in the streets or walls covered in graffiti. You will find that almost everything is marked in vivid, often neon, colours and stores often play more than one song at once. The districts of Akihabara, Shinjuku and Shibuya are particularly well known for advertising consumer goods in a rather chaotic manner. If it's your first visit to the Japanese capital, we recommend taking the time to explore one or more Tokyo neighbourhoods.

Historic and modern

Of course there are also historic sites in this thoroughly modern city. The Imperial Palace Kokyo in the Chiyoda ward is an excellently preserved building complex from a bygone era.

Another important aspect in favour of holding your meeting in Tokyo is public safety. In comparison with other major cities, Tokyo has one of the world's lowest crime rates despite its high population density. Modern skyscrapers stand cheek by jowl with smaller, more traditional architecture. Parks situated between the heavily populated districts provide greenery and a breath of fresh air.

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